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December 14th, 2011

Free Stuff

Scrooge Bearing Wine

Since we’re in the business of selling I don’t usually go around advertising the fact that there is some quality free stuff on the site. If you’re feeling a little strapped this holiday season (or just miserly) have a look. All it takes is the ability to download a pdf, letter size-paper, an inkjet printer and possibly a letter sized frame and you’ve got yourself an appallingly cheap yet high quality gift.

Wine Vintage Chart

It’s been updated to be more stylish and fun – bah! For cranks and purists, there’s also a black and white version.

You can also read about how it was constructed here.

Classic Wine Flavours

A groovy simplification of old world wine before Parkerization. Includes British spelling of color for added grooviness.

More explanation here.

Wine Map of Sicily

The perfect gift for mob Dons, guys named Don as well as Sicilian wine fans.

How We Rate Wines

The “we” means everybody in this case – 100 point, 20 point, 5 star, 4 star, 3 star and other rating systems are compared. Very geeky.

And if you’re really desperate check out Brillat-Savarin Aphorisms. Apparently a copy of this list, including such chestnuts as “The order of drinking is from the mildest to the most foamy and perfumed”, was proudly displayed in every 19th Century Parisian restaurant.

But perhaps the best (potentially) free thing on the site is this Pulltaps x-tens corkscrew. Pulltaps x-tens.

For a chance to win, just leave a comment below. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a simple hello will do. The drawing will be held this Friday December 16th at 9AM PST. Good luck!

  • Artur Menzeleev

    Love your products. Keep it up!


  • Dennis

    Great prizes!

  • Joe Skopek

    Pulltaps is absolutely the best. I have never seen this version before. Looks terrific!

  • Terry

    Love all your maps! Waiting for more… This new pulltaps looks sharp!

  • Tony

    Great site, definitely looking forward to more maps – think i’ve got everything but Long Island at this point!


  • Cormac McGettigan

    “I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.” W.C Fields. And I just perchased a Metro Wine Map, so I don’t get lost when I am cooking!

  • Sarah

    Hey guys — I absolutely love your wine chart and maps. I was a beginner to all things wine, but with the aid of your chart I’ve discovered so many new grapes and flavors I never even thought possible for one beverage classification.

    Thanks for the hard work. I can almost hold an intelligent wine conversation now! :)

  • nick

    Thanks for the info, There are some charts I didn’t know about in here!

  • nick

    Hey! Is it me or the color vintage chart for port in 2000 is not the right color? (and the same for the holes in beaujolais)

    Still, thanks. Like the list of exceptional vintages.

  • JackW

    Still using the first gen wine chart and book… and still getting info and tips! love it!

  • Julie

    Love the maps and charts! (and the free stuff)

    Thought I saw a listing of your wine tasting guide somewhere, even if not printable, but now I can’t find it. boo-hoo

  • Doug Karczewski

    I agree with Sarah, your site is needed in the industry. There is so much to learn and enjoy your products paticularly the maps put a name to a place. Very well done. D.K.

  • Paul B

    Love the metro map. Clear and simple. How about Italy next?


    Thanks for great products Steve! Things are starting to get moving here in Hong Kong. People love the Grape Varietal Table as well as the Wine Map of France. Besides, the Wine Century Club is hugely popular with a great turn-out each time we hold an event. Great Concept to get the conversation about wine going! Happy holidays Steve & Deborah!!

  • Steve De Long

    Thanks for all of the kind words!

    Thanks for the heads up Nick – The Beaujolais vintages dropped out for some reason, but are fixed now! The reason the Port vintages 1999, 1993 and 1990 are greyed out is because they weren’t declared in those years.

    Paul- California is next, sometime this spring

    Happy holidays JC & Maria!

  • Jared

    I’d love one of those pulltaps! Hope I’m lucky tomorrow!

  • Steve De Long

    Ding ding ding, we have a winner:

    Terry wins the Pulltaps! Congrats!

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