Copy of Our Maps vs the Competition

De Long vs Wine Folly


We believe that our wine maps are the finest in the world, but obviously, we may be a little biased!

How do they stand up to the competition? 

Here's a comparison of our Wine Maps of the World - Digital Edition with Wine Folly's full set of digital maps. Although we're comparing only the digital editions, it gives a good overview of the differences between our maps.

First, the facts:

De Long Wine Folly
map sets 12 24
maps 151 24
Countries – States 24 14
Canada – BC
Czech Republic
New Zealand
South Africa
USA – California
USA – Oregon
USA – Washington
Sources referenced yes no
Map Size (ea) 24 x 36 in 20 x 26.67 in
File Format PDF PDF
Total Area 90 sq ft 88.9 sq ft
Artwork Resolution 150 dpi 72 dpi
Text Resolution vector2 72 dpi
Total Pixels 1,920,240 933,130
Price $120.00 $199.00
Free Sample yes3 no
printing allowed yes yes
copying allowed no no

1France, Italy and Spain each have a separate IGP level wine map
2vector text is clear at any zoom level
3Wine Map of Sicily - Digital Edition - Free



Qualitative Comparision


Here's a part of San Juan, Argentina, just north of Mendoza at 200% zoom. Both are screenshots from Adobe Acrobat.

from our Wine Map of South America: De Long Map of South America San Juan Detail


from Wine Folly's Argentina Wine Map: San Juan Wine Folly

Aside from the different levels of detail and stylistic differences, you may notice that the subregions are named differently. We use the Spanish spellings while they use the English. But the most significant difference is the location of these subregions. Since Wine Folly doesn't mention the source of their data, we're not sure how they came up with both the Tulúm and Zonda Valleys on top of mountain ranges. Also, Maipú (Maipo) is actually east of the city of Mendoza, not north.



Qualitative Comparision


Here's a comparision of the wine regions of Sicily. Both maps are screenshots from Adobe Acrobat at 150% zoom.

from our Wine Map of Italy (also available as a free download):
De Long Wine Map of Sicily


from Wine Folly's Italy Wine Map: Wine Folly Sicily

Again, we're not sure about Wine Folly's data source. Only Fara, in the northeast of Sicily, has an accurate border.

We made the first comprehensive map of Italy's wine regions in 2010, so we're well acquainted with its borders. It was our most difficult map to produce, as much of it involved turning written Italian wine laws into a map.



Qualitative Comparision


Here's a look at central Germany. Both maps are screenshots from Adobe Acrobat at 150% zoom.

from our Wine Map of Germany: De Long Wine Map of Germany - Mosel, Rheinhessen

from Wine Folly's Germany Wine Map: Germany Wine Folly

This is another excellent example of the level of detail and stylistic differences between our maps and Wine Folly's. Interestingly enough, we both use blue shades for Mittelrhine, a decision that should probably be reconsidered for a region on the banks of the Rhine.

We hope you find this useful in making an informed purchasing decision. If you would like to see more about how our wine maps are made, please check out:

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