Robin Garr Wins Wine Century Club Blind Tasting

It shows what a good sport Robin Garr is just to enter such a contest. Most wine professionals run from public blind tasting because of the highly likely risk of public humiliation. There is usually little to gain and much to loose in terms of reputation! Since we had 7 people get 4 out of 4 at last year’s blind tasting, I made this year’s contest much more difficult, in fact pretty much impossible. Even given the formidable gathering of palates, only 2 people got 2 out of 4 correct – Robin and the extremely knowledgeable David Baer, with Robin winning the luck of the draw for the championship. See the Wine Lover’s Page for Robin’s article on the event.

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  • Stella!

    Steve De Long on
  • Dang. I could been a contender.

    Another Jamie G on

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