About Us

The husband and wife team of Deborah and Steve De Long combined their mutual enthusiasm for both wine and design when they started work on their first product, the Wine Grape Varietal Table. Visual people by trade - Deborah, a textiles designer and Steve, an architect - the table helped them to make sense of the vast and often confusing world of wine grape varieties.

What started out as a geeky hobby has grown into a full time business that includes critically acclaimed wine maps and tasting notebooks. Great care goes into the research, design and production of all products.

Steve grew up in Oregon wine country which gave him hopeless earnestness and belief in the superiority of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. He is President of the Wine Century Club and has traveled extensively to taste weird grapes. He attended Washington University in St. Louis and Columbia University in New York.

Deborah was born in England and grew up in Hong Kong where her father served and collected fine clarets. Bordeaux is no longer on her short list as she is currently in a protracted "white period." She attended Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. 



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