Wine Map Updates

We reprinted three of our most popular maps in the last few months: Italy in August; Spain & Portugal and France in December.

Amazingly, only France had any updates, and they were minor:

1. Bourgogne Vézelay, a subregion of Bourgogne becomes a full AOP.

2. Pic Saint-Loup also gets promoted from a subregion (of Languedoc) to a full AOP.

3. Corrèze is a new AOP in SW France, west of Bordeaux and north of Cahors.

Correze Wine Map

This is the first time we’ve reprinted any of our maps without an update. Hopefully, this is a trend and not the calm before the storm!

Chambers St. Wines Likes Our Maps

It's very kind of Chambers St. Wines to like our maps in their recent newsletter.

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Paso Robles - a different direction

This is a map I made for Paso Robles last year. It's much different graphically from our other maps, more like a 1960s Italian geological map than a 1920s French road map. Please let us know if you like this new direction (or not!).

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2018 Wine Vintage Chart

Here's our latest release of our Vintage Chart. As usual, there's a two year lag in getting a reasonable amount of information so it goes up to 2016.

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The Most Notorious Wine and Cheese Pairing

Matching local wines to local foods is the oldest and most reliable strategy for wine and food pairing - if they've been enjoyed together for hundreds of years, what could be wrong with that?

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Don't Try This With Cheese

Please! Sound advice from the late, great Pierre Androuët

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