Wine Maps of the World - The Boxed Set

Wine Maps of the World On Wed, November 6th we're launching a Kickstarter project to help fund the printing of our boxed set of wine maps. 

We appreciate your support!

California Wine Map Updates

The last time we updated our Wine Map of California, a new region – Petaluma Gap – was added almost immediately. It's now in our updated map.

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Maps Are Only as Good as the Data they're Made From - Etna Edition

As the internet grows, it seems that the amount of disinformation grows with it. Something completely wrong can rise to the top of search results. The errors are then magnified by uncritical and ignorant copying. I'm seeing this more and more in the world of wine maps.

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The World Through Wine Colored Glasses

I'm having a flashback to a wine course I took many years ago. There was one question that I got wrong that never sat right with me:

Q: True or False? Wine comes in a limited range of colors.

A: True

Wrong! You are wrong! It is FALSE!  Wine comes comes in a wide range of colors. Moron.

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South America Updates

We’ve updated our South America map. It’s a fairly extensive revision made with the help of Brian Ravitsky, a top South American wine importer and partner in Brazos Wines, as well as with a group of highly respected winemakers in Argentina and Chile.

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Wine Map Updates

We reprinted three of our most popular maps in the last few months: Italy in August; Spain & Portugal and France in December.

Amazingly, only France had any updates, and they were minor:

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