The World Through Wine Colored Glasses

I'm having a flashback to a wine course I took many years ago. There was one question that I got wrong that never sat right with me:

Q: True or False? Wine comes in a limited range of colors.

A: True

Wrong! You are wrong! It is FALSE!  Wine comes comes in a wide range of colors. Moron.

Obviously, it depends on how you define a wide range. There are many colors of wine, but you can leave out blue and pretty much all of green. And without blues and greens, the world would be a much different place. More autumnal, perhaps even Martian.

And just to be comprehensive, there is a company - Gik - that now makes blue wine, even if they can't call it wine in the EU.  It's in their "Instagramable" range and is "not about the grapes, it's about the people." 

Gik? So many levels of self-parody here that I'm not really sure that it's real.


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