Something Cheesy

Here's another amazing design from Dr. David Gissen, bon vivant and author of the Metro Wine Map of France.

Inspired by a gastronomic map of France made in 1830 by Charles Monin, he embarked on the not unambitious of recharting all of French gastronomy!

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Fishing for Compliments

Now that we've completed our Wine Map of Greece, and are selling a complete set of the Wine Maps of the World, the long awaited boxed set of maps needs to go ahead.

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A New Wine Map of Greece

We're very happy to have finally released our Wine Map of Greece. Actually, it was a bit of a relief. As much as I love Greek wines, the challenges this map presented was driving me insane: there weren't any up to date or accurate maps to start from, the geographical divisions of Greece have changed twice since the first Greek wine regions were defined and the language is very difficult to translate into English.

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We're in the Movies

We're honored that our Wine Grape Varietal Table is featured on the set of Patriots Day.

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Tasting Terms: Blackcurrant

Blackcurrant is the most common flavor descriptor of the most popular grape variety in the world: Cabernet Sauvignon. At least the British think so. American wine writers tend to use the term cassis, which is French for blackcurrant.

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Should Grape Varieties Be Capitalized?

Is it Cabernet Sauvignon or cabernet sauvignon?

The New York Times and don’t capitalize the names of grape varieties but practically everyone else does. What, then, is the correct usage?

This may seem a little geeky or pedantic but it’s important for anyone who writes about wine. I seem to revisit this question every couple of years without satisfaction.

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