The World Through Wine Colored Glasses

I'm having a flashback to a wine course I took many years ago. There was one question that I got wrong that never sat right with me:

Q: True or False? Wine comes in a limited range of colors.

A: True

Wrong! You are wrong! It is FALSE!  Wine comes comes in a wide range of colors. Moron.

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South America Updates

We’ve updated our South America map. It’s a fairly extensive revision made with the help of Brian Ravitsky, a top South American wine importer and partner in Brazos Wines, as well as with a group of highly respected winemakers in Argentina and Chile.

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Wine Map Updates

We reprinted three of our most popular maps in the last few months: Italy in August; Spain & Portugal and France in December.

Amazingly, only France had any updates, and they were minor:

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Chambers St. Wines Likes Our Maps

It's very kind of Chambers St. Wines to like our maps in their recent newsletter.

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Paso Robles - a different direction

This is a map I made for Paso Robles last year. It's much different graphically from our other maps, more like a 1960s Italian geological map than a 1920s French road map. Please let us know if you like this new direction (or not!).

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2018 Wine Vintage Chart

Here's our latest release of our Vintage Chart. As usual, there's a two year lag in getting a reasonable amount of information so it goes up to 2016.

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