2018 Wine Vintage Chart

Here's our latest release of our Vintage Chart. As usual, there's a two year lag in getting a reasonable amount of information so it goes up to 2016. 2016 a very good year overall, with excellent vintages in Bordeaux, the Southern Rhone and Piedmont. Chile and Argentina had devastating rains during harvest resulting in an atypical vintage.

The chart is deliberately done in a fairly chunky 1 to 5 scale since it's impossible to get an exact score over a region. Amazingly, our diverse set of references don't always agree on the vintages. If you're curious about how it was done, check out the various sources used to come up with the ratings.

2018 Wine Vintage Chart De Long

This year, we had high quality prints made of it that you can purchase in our online shop.

To get a free high resolution image that you can use on a phone or tablet, just click on the image above and either download it or link to it. If you're not very phone or tablet savvy, here's an article about how to add links to your smartphone or tablet homescreen.

Wine Vintage Chart on Smartphone

And if you would like to read even more about how a vintage chart is made, here's the story of our first effort on The Making of a Vintage Chart

Let us know if you don't agree with any of the ratings!


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