Paso Robles - a different direction

This is a map I made for Paso Robles last year. It's much different graphically from our other maps, more like a 1960s Italian geological map than a 1920s French road map. Please let us know if you like this new direction (or not!).

In 2014 Paso Robles AVA (American Viticultural Area) was split into eleven distinct subregions which are also AVAs. Before then, its outline resembled a box on the map. Here's what it looked like on an earlier Wine Map of California:

Paso Robles Old Map

Back in those days all Paso Robles wines, except for Peachy Canyon, came in boxes, so the shape made sense. OK, that's complete BS, but let's face it, boxes are not exactly exciting. Why should York Mountain have all the fun with their jaunty little AVA?  

The eleven subregions represent distinct microclimates and soil types as well as making their map much more dynamic visually:

Wine Map of Paso Robles

We've printed some up so fans of Paso Robles Wines can put them on their wall. Again, let us know if you like the new style.

In the shop:
Wine Map of Paso Robles 

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  • Looks great – how about Sonoma?

    Jon Kasen on

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