Hot Off the Press - Our First Wine Map

¿Por qué Iberia?

Iberian Wine Map Now In Stock We started with Spain and Portugal for 3 main reasons:
  1. It's the most dynamic (and constantly changing) area in the wine world today
  2. There wasn't a good map currently available (for France there are a few)
  3. It's a great looking land mass!
This is simply the only up to date wine map of the region now available! The one very simple thing that distinguishes our approach to wine maps is that the wine regions don't stop at the border. In reality, wine regions reflect the regional differences that underlie the country borders. Catalunya and the Basque Country which both overlap France and Spain are just two examples. We're working on France and Germany right now which will be available early next year. Then on to Italy. And then to the New World! A big thanks to my graphic designer brother Mark who is mainly responsible for how good the the map looks and to Gabriella and Ryan Opaz of Catavino fame for their huge help in fact checking. The Wine Map of Iberia is currently available in our online shop for $29.95 and will soon be available on and fine shops everywhere. They will also be available in Spain and Europe from Catavino in a few weeks.

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  • Steve, it’s a pleasure to help you out, especially when this map was so desperately needed!! We’ll have our loose ends tied up here shortly, and will be happy to offer the map to the European community. Congratulations!

    Gabriella Opaz on
  • Congratulations Steve. This is exciting!

    Eric on
  • Hi Tracey – thank you so much for the kind words!

    Steve De Long on
  • Thank you for developing this map! My husband and I are big fans of yours and I can’t wait to see the map in my wine room! Cordially, Tracey

    Tracey Reid on
  • thanks, Gabriella – I’m glad to hear that it’s desperately needed!

    Steve De Long on
  • Have you approached the eport bodies of Wines of Spain (ICEX) and Wines of Portugal (ViniPortugal). They mayy buy a bundle from you

    Nick Oakley on
  • this map is brilliant, would look great on my wall.

    Mr Wino on
  • I am looking for a set of three maps. Spain, FRANCE and ITALY. I am building a cave under the house in Provence and something as you show for Spain would be a great enhancement.


    Steve SUMMERS on
  • […] The Wine Century Club is the brainchild of Steve Delong, the same mad genius who created the Delong Iberian Wine Map. His goal in founding this club, as I interpreted it, was to not only highlight the vast array of […]

    Wine of the Week: Sybarus Tardana 2007 on
  • Hi John,
    The Wine Grape Varietal Table was printed 4 years before the Iberian Map. At that time, Mencia was one of the grapes that barely missed the cut – it will be included in future versions.

    Interestingly enough, in just 4 years Mencia has gone from a rarity in the US to something on the tips of all wine geeks’ tongues!

    Steve De Long on

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