Softbound Wine Tasting Notebook
Softbound Wine Tasting Notebook
Softbound Wine Tasting Notebook note taking | De Long

Softbound Wine Tasting Notebook

It's a simple, inexpensive yet elegant way to "hit the ground running" and learn about wine. Taking wine tasting notes is simply the best way to accelerate your knowledge of wine.

  • The Wine Tasting Forms put the repetitive parts of a note in convenient multiple choice for pros as well as acting as training wheels for beginners.
  • Wine Tasting Terms helps build your wine tasting vocabulary with quick explanations of where certain flavours come from. Includes practical details on identifying wine faults.
  • How to Take a Wine Tasting Note walks you through the fundamentals of wine tasting. Wine is a complicated subject but the basic principles of wine tasting are not.

Elegant black cover with gold embossing slips easily into a coat pocket or purse. Sewn binding lays flat for comfortable writing. Water resistant wine tasting guide including WINE TASTING TERMS and HOW TO TAKE A WINE NOTE stores inside back cover.

Wine Aroma Wheel vs Wine Tasting Guide

vs. The Aroma Wheel

3 1/2 x 7 3/4 inches, 96 pages.


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