Digital Wine Maps Changelog

We first introduced digital maps on April 16, 2021.  There have been a number of mostly minor changes to the maps since then.  Here is a comprehensive list of all changes as of May 13, 2022:


  • In Tasmania, the name of the unofficial subregion ‘North East’ has been changed to ‘Pipers River’ to reflect a more common and specific term.

Austria and Hungary

  • Csopak PDO added as a new subregion of Balaton PDO


New AVAs:
  • Upper Lake Valley AVA*
  • West Sonoma Coast AVA*
  • Gabilan Mountains AVA*
  • SLO Coast
  • Palos Verdes Peninsula
  • Paulsell Valley AVA*
Changes to existing AVAs:
  • Clear Lake AVA slight western expansion to include the new Upper Lake Valley AVA*
  • Arroyo Grande Valley AVA and Edna valley AVA are now subrgions of SLO Coast AVA
  • Clarksburg AVA expanded to the south
*Changes marked with an asterisk are pending official approval.



  • Würzburger Stein-Berg PDO added


  • No changes


  • Trevenezie IGT added back in. We erroneously omitted it. It covers the same area as Delle Venezie DOC. When Delle Venezie was promoted from IGP to DOC in 2017 Trevenezie IGP was formed. (editor’s note: Delle Venezie is too big and varied to be meaningful, if it ever becomes a DOCG, I’ll need a straight-jacket.)

New Zealand

  • Bannockburn is now an officially recognized subregion (Geographical Indication) of Central Otago. We previously had it as an unofficial region, along with many others that remain unofficial.

South Africa

  • Piket-Bo-Berg is a new Ward in Swarland District, Coastal Region, Western Cape Geographical Unit
  • Prince Albert is a new District in the Western Cape Geographical Unit containing the Wards Prince Albert Valley, Swartberg and a new Ward, Kweekvallei.

South America

  • Canota - Valle de Canota is a new subregion of Mendoza in Argentina.

Spain and Portugal

  • Two Vino de Pago regions added: Dehesa Peñalba and Urueña in Castilla y León.

The Pacific Northwest

  • Golden Mile Slopes is a new subregion of Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.
  • Rocky Reach AVA*, White Bluffs AVA and Goose Gap AVA are new subregions of Columbia Valley in Washington.
  • Lower Long Tom AVA and Mt. Pisgah Polk County Oregon AVA* are new subregions of Willamette Valley AVA in Oregon.
*Changes marked with an asterisk are pending official approval.