Vino One Maps Compared

Vino One is a new series of maps that are more graphic and concise than our current maps. They're a result of both listening to our customers and further developing our craft.

Here's a quick comparison using Northeast Italy's wine regions. We compare the Vino One maps with our regular maps as well as with some other popular wine maps currently available:

Wine Regions of Italy Vino One Detail

Above is a detail of Northeast Italy on the new Wine Regions of Italy map. The emphasis is on clarity and conciseness. You may have noticed that we use the new shortened region label for Friuli instead of Friuli Venezia Giulia. This brevity is symbolic of our new map style. We have not included regions with minimal production, few vineyards and/or little commercial significance, a deliberate change from the comprehensiveness of our regular maps:

No regions, no matter how insignificant, are left out of our regular maps. That makes them great for completeness but also sometimes challenging to read. In-house, we consider these the "technical maps" and the Vino One maps the "concise maps."

Here's a clip from the same area in the World Atlas of Wine:

When it was first published in 1977, this map was monochromatic, in shades of brown. Other than the addition of color, the style of the maps has remained the same. They are simplified but remain somewhat difficult to read.

The same area from The New Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia:

We expected a lot as their new publisher is National Geographic, known for their amazing cartography. It's nice looking but pretty challenging to read.

The same area from Wine Folly:

Wine Folly has a big following. Their maps are bold and colorful, but there are some accuracy issues with the Lugana and Asti regions in the wrong locations.

That's it for our quick stylistic survey of wine maps. Thank you for your consideration.