Extreme Pours

spillwine.jpg “I’ll be pouring some excellent Cab Francs today.” Whatever happened to “We’re tasting some excellent Cab Francs today?” Everyone seems to be pouring everywhere these days. Am I the only person who thinks that this sounds strange? What would the equivalent be with chocolate chip cookies? “I’ll be placing some excellent chocolate chip cookies today?” Perhaps it’s the “me” part – I’ll be pouring – that seems odd. It’s a little like when a waiter says “my marzipan is really delicious” or “I’ve got some amazing Chimichangas.” I’m sure you do. Or maybe it’s just that the term pouring seems to imply vast amounts of liquids gushing forth as in “it’s not just raining, it’s pouring!” Pouring wine rapidly and in huge volumes doesn’t seem to be strange at all on the internet; in fact it’s de rigueur. A quick browse around most wine sites reveals wine being poured in ways that would put NASA velocity tests to shame. Is the subject really so boring that it needs to be tarted up by pushing the limits of fluid mechanics? Are the stock photo people really that bored? Was a stunt sommelier employed for any of these shots? Do I hear Eric Burdon and War playing Spill the Wine somewhere? Obviously there are a lot of unanswered questions here, so before I really scare myself and become Andy Rooney, the candidates for the most Extreme Pour of 2007 (in no apparent order) are:

Kapture Group Inc.

kapturegroup-com.jpg Not a wine site, but the Kapture Group sells equipment to help capture moments of vinous mayhem like the typhoon in a glass pictured here.

New York Times

new-york-times.jpg Eric Asimov’s blog is called The Pour so it should come as no surprise that they have a strong entry. A real study of contrasts here as a heavy rope of wine appears to be breaking the surface of an otherwise tranquil glass. Sediment be damned – get it in the glass!

Nat Decants

nat-decants.jpg Is that a giant red wine Cobra threatening Natalie MacLean’s wholesome head? Watch out Natalie!

67 Wine

67-com.jpg Not a lot of action here but a lot of wine. Do still waters run deep? The half-full half-empty debate certainly has no room here. No! Fill it to the brim! Let it be known that the people of 67 Wine are not stingy!

Dining on the Vine

diningonthevine-com.jpg Given the apparent lack of gravity, I would call this site Dining on the Moon instead of Dining on the Vine. Is that a bottle or a hose? Waiter, please bring me the 1990 La Tâche and a mop!

Royal Doulton

royaldoulton-com.jpg The quintessential British tableware maker weighs in with a classic Poseidon Adventure pour. Either that or they’re introducing a line of Chablis coloured baby Baboons in crystal. Please Vote:

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  • Reminds me of a experience visiting Napa and the tasting room host was inebriated. Good times!

    Michael B on
  • Plonk should be “poured”. Really good wine should be shared with care.

    Wilf Krutzmann on
  • nice spittoon

    Brenda on
  • Is it “Nat Decants” or “Nat Splats”?

    Just for fun at Candia Vineyards (candiavineyards.com), the owner Bob sometimes offers regular or radical decanting technique. Radical decanting involves full inversion of the bottle partway into the glass, and after just the right amount of Glug Glug Glug he retracts the bottle in front of the now-stunned consumer, never spilling a drop. With all the medals he gets for his wines, he should get another one for the great entertainment value he provides!

    Al Legere on
  • “nice spittoon”

    Rob Lau on
  • Sweet….spitton

    Bret Kappus on
  • Spittoons? We don’t need no steenking spittoons!

    Tom Canty on
  • 67 Wine makes me think they are wine newbies or like beer better. :)

    Arthur on
  • Chaos in a glass. Unsettling.

    Barbara on
  • Hmm… It’s too nice to really use as a spittoon…. But i will find a nice flower arrangement for it…..

    Josie Della Serra on

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