California Delays

Malibu Wines On behalf of our crack map team, I apologize for the delay in releasing our California Wine Map. It will now be available March 24th. The saddest part is that the map's been 99% done for the past month and a half . It's as if we're trapped in Zeno's paradox. Or more aptly, that we've checked out but can never leave. . . In the meantime, here's a small chunk of the map around Ventura Highway. It may come as a surprise that Malibu has two official wine regions - Saddle Rock-Malibu and Malibu-Newton Canyon. Was this the result of Malibu Ken and Malibu Barbie splitting up?

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  • Malibu Ken and Malibu Barbie split up?

    Greg Gannes on
  • Steve, its not just Zeno that is holding you up its also Hofstadter’s Law

    “It takes longer than you think, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law”


    Darby Higgs on
  • Really looking forward to the California map.

    Anders Ö on

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