Wine, Food & Dance pairings

Wine, Food & Dance pairings

Schnitzel Waltz There was an article in Decanter about an Argentinian wine tasting event that featured Malbec, steak and tango. Malbec, steak and nap sounds more like it for me, but it got me thinking: what other wine, food & dance pairings are there?

Here's my list so far:

Wiener Schnitzel - Grüner Veltliner - Waltz
Tapas - Sherry - Flamenco
Goulash - Egri Bikavér (Bull's Blood of Eger) - Csárdás
BBQ - Zinfandel - Square Dancing
Mousaka - Retsina - Sirtaki
Shrimp - bling Champagne - Hip Hop
Steak Frites - Bordeaux Rouge - Can Can
There must be more. . .

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  • That butywine

    Jent on
  • Meat Loaf, White Zin, Fox-Trot.

    Sarah on
  • Hi Winecouver!

    The size of the France Map is exactly the same as the others: 24 × 36 inches, with the long dimension in the horizontal axis.

    The ETA is now Dec. 1.

    Steve De Long on
  • Thanks Bottle Deck! It has a nice beat!

    Steve De Long on
  • How’s that map of France coming? Just got our order of Italy, Iberian Pen, and the Varietal table.

    Question: since we’ll be framing these, will the map of France be the same size as others? Want to make it a proper set of 4 matching frames.


    WCVR on
  • Pop corn – Pop champagne – Pop music

    Bottle Deck on
  • Ken and Benjamin – thank you for asking – it’s coming very soon

    Steve De Long on
  • Any news on the France map?

    Ken on
  • Can’t wait for France! Coming this month?

    Benjamin on
  • Any news on the France map? I’ve got a frame ready and waiting!

    ken on

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