Our Wine Maps Compared to Others

We believe that our wine maps are the finest in the world but you should make your own decision. Here's a comparison of our Wine Map of South Africa with maps from Vinmap and Wine Folly:

De Long Vinmap Wine Folly


Size 24 x 36 inches 17 x 22 inches 12 x 16 inches
Publication Date December 2017 2015 2016
Up to date? yes1 no1 no1
Production Area Levels shown and explained2 partially shown2 partially shown2
Production Areas Mapped 116 out of 116 37 out of 116 44 out of 116
Detail and Key Maps 4 1 1
Paper 100 pound archival vellum 7mil satin matte spillproof polyprint
Printing method offset digital offset
Price $29.95 $45.00 $25.00


1Just because a map is a few years old doesn't mean that it's out of date. However, South Africa made a few major changes in 2017. Most notably, Cape Peninsula District was expanded to north of Cape Town and renamed the Cape Town District, while Tygerberg District was eliminated.

2There are four levels of Wine Production Areas in South Africa. In increasing order of specificity, they are: Geographical Units, Regions, Districts and Wards.

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